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Century Has A Variety Of Refrigerated Storage Solutions For Sale

New and used containers, trailers and portable freezers offer convenient, permanent cold storage you can count on. To learn more, select a storage solution below.

20' Refrigerated Container IconRefrigerated Containers

All 20’ ground-level refrigerated containers for sale are equipped with all-electric cooling systems and are insulated to allow for a multitude of products to be stored at a specific temperature. Century’s refrigerated containers can maintain temperatures below 0°F and up to 75°F. They are also equipped with lockable double cargo doors on one end for security.

Refrigerated Trailer IconRefrigerated Trailers

Century has a variety of refrigerated trailers for sale. Sizes available include 28’, 34’, 45’, 48’ and 53’. These giant refrigerated trailers are dock-height and have an exterior width of 102”. Drive your forklift or pallet jack into your warehouse on wheels and unload with ease.

Portable Freezer Trailer IconPortable Freezer Trailers

A must-have for any small business needing mobile refrigerated storage. Equipped with 110 volt wiring, these mobile mini freezers run off a standard outlet, meaning, if you can plug in your cell phone, you can plug in this trailer. This feature is revolutionizing the mobile cold storage market! Whether your replacing your existing walk-in cooler and need temporary cold storage,  or you need to store food for a festival, flowers for a special event or beer for a party, Century’s portable freezer trailers are essential. Sizes available: 7’x10’ and 8’x12’.

We’ve been in this business a long time and cold storage is our specialty. Give us a call with questions or for pricing information.

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